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A Catch-All Catch-Up… $Data Overage Hike; UMA Funny Business; QC Less Speculum; $35/$50 Unlim; CCTS Annual Report

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Data Surcharge Price Hike
– In June 2010 Rogers raised the data overage rates charged for all ‘normal’ data plans (i.e. non-6GB, non-FlexData [both RET and in-market flavours], non-Can+USA plans)
– Only affects those who signed up during or after June 2010; pre-existing cx‘s have no price hike
– Old rate: 3c/MB ($31/GB)
– New rate: 5c/MB ($51/GB) (66% increase)

UMA Funny Business
– Prior to late August 2010: cx’s with a supported, UMA-compatible handset could make calls to any Canadian number and consume only ‘local’ airtime minutes, when using UMA (aka WiFi calling)
– And cx’s could do this for no extra charge
– At the end of August Rogers disabled this for all users, unless you have a paid TalkSpot service (min $5/mo)
– As is not uncommon, Rogers gave no notice of this to cx’s
– Since the Rogers website, in places, doesn’t say that this is a paid feature a cx has, IMO, a right to expect to be able to use UMA this way, for no extra $ per month
– I go into more detail about all this, incl advice for cx’s wanting to get this feature back for free, on this page:
—- /UMA

QC Less Speculum
– Quebec’s Bill 60 took effect June 30 2010.
– The text of the bill is here:
– HoFo user FidoSeniorAgent summed up nicely the impact of this consumer-protecting legislation for (only QC!) cellular cx’s, in this post:
– One of the obvious impacts of this bill is that 3 of the 7 stick-it-to-ya surcharges listed by Rogers, here:
do not apply to QC cell cx’s (and 7 of the 14 surcharges for TV/Internet/HomePhone are similarly mooted).
– There appears to be a possible loophole of sorts, that would let a cx who has an economic inducement in their current contract replace that contract with a new one that has no inducement, thus letting them now cancel@ECF=$50; discussed here:
– Vive les Québécois!

$35/$50 Unlimited, From Rogers
– As of early September the RET dep’t of Rogers has had available two interesting plans:
—- $35/mo – unlimited local airtime minutes
—- $50/mo – unlimited local airtime minutes + unlimited Can+USA LD minutes + unlimited SMS to Can+USA numbers
– note that since these are RET plans you need to have, generally, a minimum of 6 mos tenure before Rogers will permit you to switch to them
– these offerings could be pulled at any time
– both plans do NOT have “detailed billing” included, which is $3/mo extra (UNLESS you have online billing setup)
– both plans are very allergic to credits – if you have a plan with credits now and switch to either of these you should expect a) you’ll be informed of: b) all your voice-related credits will disappear
– if you are not told that your credits will disappear when you accept these plans then you have a right in law, IMO, to force Rogers to not molest or disappear your credits that were pre-existing… but you’ll have to fight Rogers for this, it seems
– after signing up for these 2 plans some people have been reporting having their not-previously-mentioned-as-disappearing voice credits disappearing, and some odd notations (“revenue recovery tag”) showing up online, under “Manage My Addons” of MyRogers
– it’s somewhat surprising to see Rogers ‘whoring’ themselves at this basement-price of $35/$50
— Related:
—- HoFo thread re these price plans (the thread is stale-titled with an old $70 price mentioned)
—- My HoFo post re Rogers ‘whoring’ themselves at these (relatively) bargain-basement prices:

CCTS Annual Report
– a couple of weeks ago the CCTS released their annual report for 2009-2010
– in it they give stats on how and for what reasons cx’s contact them, the number of complaints (incl breakdown by carrier), and Recommendations and Decisions they issue
– they also give some feedback on what sorts of complaints they are seeing
– finally, they also give some example complaints and what was their outcome – these are really useful for cx’s to read (see pdf page 26). In part, for the general lessons about where the gotchas lie when dealing with a carrier, but also in part for getting a general idea of how the CCTS assesses complaints and resolves them.
– it’s fairly light reading; see it here:
– Notable bits:
—- number of contacts up by 150%, compared to last year
—- highlighted is the surprisingly pervasive issue of undesired yet expensive Premium Text Message charges showing on cx’s bills, and the difficulty encountered by cx’s in having them removed/refunded
—- “A public hearing [CRTC Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2010-247] will be held in November 2010 [on the 29th] with a decision expected in late December. This will be a seminal moment in our brief history”. (More info in my blog post: /2010/06/09/ccts-procedural-code-changes-and-crtc-review/)
—- “For the first time, over half of the complaints we accepted dealt with one line of business: wireless services. We received more than twice as many complaints about wireless as we did for any other line of business. This should not really be a surprise. The wireless business has the highest rate of growth, the greatest pace of change, and the greatest degree of complexity–at least at a retail level.”

And that’s all, folks!


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