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How to Get Free 411 Cell Service from Rogers

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Well, now that we’ve got your attention…!

(Or variously titled: Project #Rogers411 – CCTS Complaint re Rogers 411 Fee Hike)

What’s happened is that Rogers wants to increase the cost of 411 calls, by 50¢ each, for their cell cx’s effective Mar 16, however postpaid cx’s who are under contract do not have to accept this fee hike, and if you pushback on this then it seems that Rogers will capitulate and give you unlimited, free 411 service for the remainder of your contract in order to negate the fee hike that you took the time and trouble to complain about. (You should have been notified of the hike in a bill you received where the “invoice date” on it was between approx Jan 10 and Feb 9).

Detailed instructions for how to achieve this free 411 are in this HoFo post I made and the outcome of free 411 is based on the posted details (post #54 of the thread) of one especially helpful cx, ‘Arjun_Rudra’, who pursued the issue and has posted back about their experience.

If you’re interested in pursuing this I’d suggest getting on to this some time this week tho (let Rogers know that continual, chiseling fee hikes are unacceptable to you!). Carpe diem!

The journey begins here :  )


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