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About the RogersWatch Blog (and @RogersRectum Twitter Feed) (/about)

Rogers has a SWC page at; theirs redirects to before saying:

Directory Listing Denied

This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed

(The same goes for

Maybe that’s all you need to know “about” Rogers: Denied & Does Not Allow?
Anyway, about the RogersWatch blog:

Dedicated to sharing knowledge, and learning.

The @RogersRectum twitter feed (and email list: shall make announcements about (esp) negative Rogers contract changes and other things that Rogers doesn’t think that cx’s should aware of. It’s sort of a counter-spin to the one-sided hype that cx‘s get from the @RogersBuzz tweets.

The @RogersRectum tweets will often contain a link to an article in this blog which will explain the issue more fully, offer some insight on both the legal considerations and a customer’s possible remedies from Rogers, and negotiating tips to maximize a customer’s recompense.

This blog is also designed to be a repository of what I have learned about Rogers and dealing with them.

If you’re new to being a Rogers customer and don’t know what things like ToS, CoC and RETentions mean you might want to take a peek at the /acronyms page.

For a more complete introduction (or ‘About’) please see the /welcome page.



  1. Do you document such Rogers joys as the ‘no monthly fee voice mail’ on Prepaid Accounts?
    They give it to you free, you think you have something useful ‘free’ but there is no way to use it all without spending minutes… to set it up and configure, to leave messages even from landlines, to pick up messages even from landlines.. in short if you touch it you are paying for it. When I opened two prepaid accounts I knew of the potential for being charged per minute for someone to leave a message and for me to pay to retrieve from a land line so I asked the clerk at a corporate store. She and one other ASSURED me I would not be charged in either case. Of course they lied and I was charged, I got irate, got a credit and a gift card, and bailed for Petro Canada (I know, Rogers network) but I am happier.

    All of this after leaving Bell and getting shafted the 30 days, recovered by CCTS claim now.

    Good work!


    Comment by Bob Lepp — 2011/02/25 @ 21:44 | Reply

    • Bob, thanks for sharing your experience!

      Nah, I don’t cover pre-paid much at all, in part because I’ve always been postpaid so that’s the ‘world’ I know. But yeah, no surprise … the feature is free to own but costs $ to use.

      Good for you on the 30-day fee recovery and pursuing it to CCTS – if enough people do that they’ll hopefully just abandon the practise altogether.


      Comment by RogersWatch — 2011/02/27 @ 21:53 | Reply

  2. More Rogers (cable) fun!

    Got a duplicated invoice reference in my online account lookup inquiry, Rogers would not repair or remove it, went through entire ‘ticket’ process, after couple of moths they said they knew of the mistakes and said it was too expensive to repair so I should just let the data purge after 18 months. So, off to CCTS…..

    Bottom line from CCTS: they will not pursue my complaint to have Rogers provide accurate account data since it is out of their Scope… they cannot ask Rogers to change their policies or procedures, including accuracy of data. I had asked for a change to their account inquiry to be accurate.

    So, if UBB comes, and you quibble on how they calculate your monthly usage, CCTS will not help at all. Out of Scope. Note: CCTS procedure tells you what is EXCLUDED from their Scope, never what is Included. I figured accurate data would be covered

    Also, CCTS states to me I cannot ask them to also fix other customer’s duplicate invoice data, each customer must complain on their own even if a mass mistake is made.

    Only in Canada!

    Comment by Bob — 2011/05/06 @ 16:50 | Reply

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