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Contacts, and Document Sources (/contact)

Rogers has a SWC page; theirs redirects to before saying:

Directory Listing Denied

This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed

So much for easy to contact, eh? (To be fair Rogers does have a SWC page that is pretty useful).

My own, strong preference is to call Rogers if I need information, or to change/remedy something on a account. This has a big advantage over dealing with in-store reps because your interaction will be recorded (see /recording) so if there’s any funny business on the part of the rep a full record of the conversation is available for review. And reps sometimes also offer things they shouldn’t have, and if you accept it’s helpful to be able to prove what was offered by way of a review of the recording. I’m also no fan of email contacts because I RARELY get anything resembling an intelligent, on-topic response when contacting general addresses, and as well the respondent will have time to crafttheir reply (versus on the phone where a rep might say things they wish they hadn’t because they’re forced to ‘think on their feet’).

In addition to the CCTS info this page lists various contact points at Rogers, as well as the source links for the major documents (ToS, CoC, etc).

My own contact info is:

CCTS:               888-221-1687
                        fax: 877-782-2924
                        P.O. Box 81088
                        Ottawa ON  K1P 1B1

Rogers’ General:

Rogers Main, Corp   416 935 7777 (Human operator M-F: 0800-1800 Eastern)
Admin Office Nums   416 935 1100 (Human operator M-F: 0800-1800 Eastern)
VM Retrieval for cx's;
 (no LD charges):   87-ROGERS-VM      877-643-7786
Consumer "Customer Service":
(all are 7/24 except: 0200-0600 Eastern everyday):
Rogers CxS:         888 ROGERS-1      888-764-3771
                    888 ROGERS-2      888-764-3772
                    416-935-5555                        International (totally free, worldwide, when using a Rogers SIM)
                    514-734-7632                        International (totally free, worldwide, when using a Rogers SIM)
                    514-734-7699                        International (totally free, worldwide, when using a Rogers SIM)
                    611               (from cellphone)  Free call for Rogers cx's
                    *611              (from cellphone)  Free call for Rogers cx's
 Sales:             800 850-4217
  Service & Support
 for existing cx's: 866 727-2141 (Hours: ?)
MDU Sales (aka "Special Discounts Dep't"):
 Toll Free:         866 238 3245      (Hours: M-F, 0800-1700; might be only until 1600)
 Local Num:         416 446 7123      (Hours: M-F, 0800-1700; might be only until 1600) 
 Service (humans)   866-594-9456       (open during business hours - Eastern? - only?!)

 (IVR Jail)         800-575-9090       (presumed 7/24)

 Activations        888-542-7437       (?old? number: 866-594-9456)


"Customer Relations" (aka "Retentions" Dept); aka Rogers CxR (RET) 

Other info @ this page: /retentions

  - LD CHARGES (usually 35c/min if no plan and calling a non-local, non-8xx number)

Tip: prefix dialing these numbers with *67 [landline] or #31# [cellphone]... for privacy.

CONSOLIDATED:       Unofficial, direct: 866 304 4248  Eastern: M-F: 0700?-2400, Sa: 0800-1800?!; Su & Hol: Open?!
(handles cell,                             NB: Number is disabled as of Oct 2010
 internet, tv/cable)

WIRELESS:           Unofficial, direct: 416 935 4443  Eastern: M-F: 0800-2400, Sa: 0800-1800; Su & Hol: Closed
(handles ONLY       Unofficial, direct: 514 734 7873  Eastern: M-F: 0800-2400, Sa: 0800-1800; Su & Hol: Closed
 cell)                                     BEWARE LD CHARGES WHEN CALLING THIS NUMBER!

Fido Retentions     877-288-4240, then press 5


OoP:           new: 866-228-7109      'staffed' M-F: 0800-1800 {presumed Eastern time zone}); VM: 7/24 (newnum@20101129}
(Office of the          Or:
 President)         416-935-7777      Hours: Business Hours (Eastern)
 [Rogers                  ... and ask to be transferred to the
  says contact            "Wireless Executive Response Department"
  within 24 48      Fax: 877-331-1573
  72 hrs!]        (UNCONFIRMED!)
                    Rogers Communications Inc
                    Office of the President
                    855 York Mills Road
                    Don Mills, ON M3B 1Z1
                    Rogers Communications
                    P.O. Box 36040
                    RPO York Mills Leslie
                    Toronto, ON M3B 0A3
                                    - At bottom of section Account, click on Compliments&Complaints
                                    - then click on MakeAComplaint
                                    - then click on Step1:ContactCustomerCare
                                    - then click the 'Yes' radio button
                                    - Step2:EscalateYourComplaint now appears; click the 'Yes' radio button
                                    - then enter in an InteractionID (aka ReferenceNumber), or a Manager's 
                                      name (or 'forgot' as the manager's name if you have neither)
                                    - then click submit
                                    - Step3:ContactTheOoP now appears; click the 'No' radio button
                                    - now you have to fill in all your info
                                    - What a pain in the backdoor!

                    (more info: /OoP)

Ombudsman:          Donald E. Moffat
?!?!?!?!?               Don't waste your time with any ombudsman, file a complaint with the CCTS instead!
                        Office of the Ombudsman
                        350 Bloor Street East
                        Toronto, Ontario
                        M4W 0A1
                    fax: 416-935-3604
                        (more info: /ombudsman)

Physical Delivery
 Status (aka                                            For all calls regarding HUP delivery & promotional-item/rebate delivery
 Track & Trace)     800-704-2474                        Eastern: M-F: 0900-2300, Sa: 0900-2300, Su: 1100-220

Data Tech Support:  866-931-DATA      866-931-3282      7/24

Unlocking dep't:     800-305-7907                  (Unconfirmed, and credit to HoFo's DataDude)

eCare Direct Num:   877-343-5745                        Hours: Eastern: 7 days/week: 0700-0200
(ALL things
 website related)

EIR Dept:                Rogers: 866-349-0145           (Hours [Eastern]: M-F 0900-2200; Weekend & Holidays: 1000-2000; VM=7/24)
(aka IMEI                  Fido: 866-349-2706
 blacklist           Both,  fax: 416-935-5978
 dep't)             Both, email:

Loss Prevention:    888-383-2080                        Hours: M-F 09-22; Sat, Sun, Holiday: 10-20
                                                         Deals with (at least) cx's whose phone has
                                                         been stolen and charges racked up on it

Credit Operations:  800 267 2070      (Hours of Operation=?)

Rogers' (Internal)
'Collections' Dept: 866-349-4596      (Hours of Operation=?)

"Rogers {olde}
 Protection Plan"
 claims line:       877-281-4817      7/24 but closed Sundays (important details here)

Rogers' Privacy:    416-935-????
Office                  Chief Privacy Officer
                        Rogers Group of Companies
                        333 Bloor Street East
                        Toronto Ontario  M4W 1G9
                        (more info: /privacy)
                        (note that 'privacy'/PIPEDA-"access" requests must be postal-mailed in!)

Media Contacts:

per ToS:            Rogers Customer Relations Manager
 Mailing Address         40 Weber Street East, 5th floor
                         Kitchener ON  N2H 6H3
                         6315 Côte de Liesse
                         St-Laurent QC  H4T 1E5

per ToS:
 "Any notice of    Rogers Legal Department
 a claim must be        333 Bloor Street East
 given to the":		Toronto ON  M4W 1G9

Rogers' Legal:      fax: 514-734-6622
 (e.g. service of       VP & General Counsel
 docs by lawyers)       Rogers Communications Inc
                        333 Bloor St. E, 9th Fl
 (src: vox, 1004)       Toronto Ontario  M4W 1G9
                    (more info: /legal)

Rogers’ C-Suite:

   From RCI's Leadership Team
   From Rogers Wireless Senior Leadership Team

      Alan J. Horn:   
       Chairman (of BoD);
       Pres. & CEO of
       Rogers Telecom. Ltd.

      Nadir H. Mohamed:
       Pres. & CEO
       Rogers Communications

          Nadir's EA, 
          Jackie Manley

      Robert W. Bruce:
       President Communications     fax: 416-935-8289

      Peter Berczi: VP, Wireless Customer Ops, Rogers Wireless

          Peter's EA,           ?.?
          Markeeta Bodik (sp?)     

      David P. Miller:
       Senior VP - Legal &          fax: 416-935-3548
       General Counsel          

      Philip B. Lind, C.M.
       Exec. VP Regulatory,         fax: 416-935-8289
       Vice Chairman (RCI)      

      Bruce M. Mann, CPA:       416-935-3532
       Vice President,    
       Investor Relations

In addition to the CCTS info this page lists various contact points at Rogers as well as the source links for the major documents (ToS, CoC, etc).

Document Sources:

            Rogers'     ToS:
            CWTA's      CoC:
            CCTS'       PC:

                  Ontario Consumer Protection Act, 2002 ("CPA").
                      See esp s. 7(2) which voids the mandatory arbitration clause in Rogers' ToS:

                      See also s. 42 (subsections 1-7 but esp subsection 2.ii) of the Ontario's CPA's Regulations
                       re: cx's right to repudiate changes to contracted terms

                  BC Statute barring arbitration-only clauses
                       - none exists, to my surprise and dismay!
                       - BC's Consumer Protection ("BPCPA") legislation is here:
                       Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act 

                  Quebec Statute barring arbitration-only clauses
                  see Quebec's Consumer Protection Act, below (esp s. 11.1?)

                      Quebec's Bill 60 ("An Act to amend the Consumer Protection Act
                                         and other legislative provisions"):

                      Quebec's Consumer Protection Act:

            Cases (more info: /cases):
                  Clendenning case:
                  Kanitz case:
                              or ! (Susan Drummond's website)
                  Boone case:
                              or ! (Ellen Roseman article)

      CCTS' Web Page re Complaint Escalation Process:

      Rogers' Web Page re Complaint Escalation Process:


      Fido's TaC:
      (Terms And Conditions; same import as Rogers' ToS but for Fido cx's)

In addition to the CCTS info this page lists various contact points at Rogers as well as the source links for the major documents (ToS, CoC, etc).


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