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Credit – Limits, Declines & Checks (/credit)

RFU: Discuss the idiocy of having “no credit limit” on your wireless account, in case one day your bill starts racking up into the thousands of dollars (because you’re roaming and don’t realize the cost going on, your phone gets stolen, Rogers billing SNAFU, whatever) as has happened to at least a few cx‘s. Is it possible for a cx to ask that Rogers proactively implement a credit limit on their account where otherwise Rogers would have “no limit”? (e.g. A credit limit of 3 times one’s usual monthly bill?) Consider impact on irregular HUP costs when setting the credit limit? Which dep’t to contact to implement this, etc.



Understanding the way that Rogers does a credit-worthiness check can help an attempting-to-become-a-new-cx understand why Rogers has come back and said they won’t extend credit to that cx, and if the cx believes that’s an incorrect conclusion how the cx can start to get it straightened out.

For now I’ll just link to a good description of the process done up by user FidoSeniorAgent on HoFo relating to the way Fido does it because I would expect that it’s the same for Rogers:


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