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MIR – Mail In Rebate @ $50 (HUP only) (/MIR)

Update: 2011/08/10

If you’re setup on MyRogers you can access the MIR and do it all online – just follow these instructions, courtesy of HoFo user DH.

What follows is info about the limitations of the offer, and links for a PDF copy of the form for mail-in.


Note that iPhones and Corp Accounts are excluded from this (iPhones are now eligible in spite of what the MIR form says – this based on personal experience as well as this HoFo post by DH. Updated: 2012/03/29)

Must be a HUP and not a new activation, and be renewing your CP for 2 or 3 years.

Direct Link: PDF of the rebate form is here (English version):
Or French version from here:

Navigation Link:
– visit
– select tab ‘Wireless’
– in drop-down select ‘Forms/Coupons’
– click link labelled ‘Hardware upgrade rebate

Backup Copy: also available here:



  1. Would this apply even under retention HUP?

    Comment by Kyuho Kim — 2011/06/14 @ 14:31 | Reply

    • Yup, RET HUP’s can use this MIR.

      One note though – I’ve heard of some offers that are described as having a, or the, $50 rebate included. Whether this is actually the $50 MIR coupon I’m talking about on this page is uncertain to me. My advice though would be to send in the MIR one anyway. For the small amount of time and the ~50c stamp, in my books it’s worth answering the question that way (esp since reps and what they say and how often they are in/correct, is so variable).

      Comment by RogersWatch — 2011/08/20 @ 11:57 | Reply

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