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This page is somewhat still in draft state…

Rogers has a SWC page – theirs redirects the 2010 Annual Report from the OoO (which is probably not what people would expect to get for that webpage).

The ombudsman’s office is a dep’t of Rogers, however it is separate from the “customer service” dep’t so unless they have your express permission they cannot contact the “customer service” dep’t and act on your behalf. If you contact OoO then to remedy this you’ll give your permission for the ombudsman’s office to act on your behalf (i.e. mention this in an email to expedite handling of your matter).

I’m generally not a proponent of involving the ombudsman – by that time it’s the 3rd or 4th layer of Rogers that you are dealing with and it’s maybe time to just involve an authority (i.e. CCTS) that can bind Rogers to a decision that will hopefully/presumably be favourable to you. However there may be times – you’re pleading for a ‘humane exception’ to a normal rule or policy, you have an ultra-urgent request, etc – that it’s worth trying the OoO avenue.

Contact info is, of course, located at /contact.

Oct, 2009: Ellen Roseman detailed a good experience with the ombudsman:–rogers-ombudsman-already-making-a-difference

May, 2011: OoO releases their first annual report, for 2010 – a somewhat interesting read:

May, 2011: Miranda of Social Media interviews ombudsman Don Moffat (text interview):

Not too tortuous to read – the expected softball questions are there but there’s remarkably little bafflespeak.


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