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RFU Policy (/policy)


Rogers has a SWC page at; theirs redirects to before saying:

Directory Listing Denied

This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed

Too bad that Rogers chooses to not makes its policies more accessible to interested cx‘s, eh?

Some thoughts on the overall landscape of polices with Rogers:

– it’s s. 15 of the ToS that contains Rogers’ claim to:

establish policies, rules and limits (together, the “Policies”) concerning use of the Services, Equipment and any products, content, applications or services used in conjunction with the Services or Equipment. Your use of the Services is subject to these Policies.

– however Rogers’ implementation of policies is predicated on this sentence that follows right after:

We will provide you with notice of the Policies and of changes to the Policies.


In terms of a cx coming to understand what comprises their full Contract they must include the answer to: what are all of Rogers’ “policies, rules and limits” that are in effect?

– We know we can’t tell by visiting
– The only policy (relevant for Wireless cx’s) formally included “by reference” in the ToS is the AUP listed on rogers.rom/terms (notably NOT at since that document is some AUP for business)
– There are some policies listed on the page tho, and I expect that RCI would litigate that all of these documents are binding upon a cx:

  • “ Store Policy” (or identically at (html)
  • and of course the ubiquitous AUP (pdf)
  • the “Arbitration Protocol” would presumably fall under Rogers’ claim of a “rule” since it begins “The following Arbitration Protocol applies to any arbitration initiated by a customer […]”
  • and possibly, the “Privacy Policy“, listed as merely a footer on the page and ID’d as “Last Revised: November 13, 2006 Version: 2006-2” (html)
  • (or maybe instead, the “Privacy Policy” at, which is identically ID‘d as “Last Revised: November 13, 2006 Version: 2006-2” [html] and yet is vastly different from the ‘footer’ version?)

– (By way of being referenced in the docs listed up to this point) there are still more regs:

  • the stick-it-to-ya list of EXTRA CHARGES at (mentioned in the ToS) (html)
  • the Network Policy at (mentioned in the AUP) (html)

– and still even more regs that Rogers would like you to think are part of Your Contract:

  • the kinda/maybe, fuzzy ‘Tethering Policy” at (since the document itself identifies it as a “policy”) (html)?
  • others?
Last Revised: November 13, 2006
Version: 2006-2


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