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Protection Plan – *RETIRED PAGE*- Quasi Warranty-Extension/All-Perils-Coverage (/protectionplan)

Well, looks like this old plan (“Rogers Cares Protection Plan”) has been formally or informally replaced by a no-extra-charge plan (“Handset Protection Program”) from Rogers starting May 24, 2010, per this news release:

The below text should be generally discarded and this page used instead:

For now, some brief info bits:

– Applies only to purchases made from a Rogers Plus or Rogers Video corporate store
– A claim can only be made once per plan, TOTAL (so if you need to make a 2nd claim you’re totally SOL)
– ‘Claims’ phone number:  see my /contact page
– ‘Basic Plan’ cost=$20-$150 (depends on phone model)
– ‘Premium Plan’ cost=$50-$250 (depends on phone model)
– If you think you want this ‘Protection Plan’ READ ALL THE FINE PRINT – the plan is probably not what you think it is
– IMO, this ‘Protection Plan’ is not a good value ($250 insurance cost for a product that is $400-$450 to replace is INSANE!)

Rogers info page:

More chatter:

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