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Rates – Phones: All Services, All Rates (/rates)

Rogers has a SWC page at – however it certainly has nothing resembling a comprehensive rates list … and the Rogers page is for only PayGo cx‘s anyway. (Typical Rogers – multiple fails).

My page here is intended to be a listing of all rates for all services for all parts of the world, for all types of consumer postpaid cx’s. (Noting that I obviously don’t have all countries listed but do give the direct link for cx’s to find this absent info).

In general the rates listed come into effect when a cx already has a plan or add-on for a particular domestic service – this chart generally lists the overage rates (except where noted).

Please verify this information if you will be making substantial decisions based upon it – E&OE!


The way to use the chart is to:

– identify where the cx will be physically located when the communication happens (e.g. in their own LCA, in the continental USA, etc)
– look along the top and find the matching location column
– then look down the left for the service to be used
– and scan across that row to the column previously identified
– and there’s your price.


Note that for all non-roaming VOICE calls in Canada, the price is calculated as:

– base airtime rate (if all airtime minutes have been used up)
PLUS any relevant LD charge REGARDLESS of if airtime minutes have been used up or not (note the leading ‘+’ beside some prices – that means IN ADDITION to any airtime rate)


Observe: if you don’t have some sort of relevant data plan Rogers will typically charge you $31,000 (yes, thirty-one THOUSAND dollars) per gigabyte for any data used. This is particularly true if roaming.

Nice company there. Not.


Click on the image for a larger, pdf version. (Please do inform me of any errors and additions [esp cited prices]!)


Rogers' Rates - All Services (postpaid cx, esp overage rates) (Click for larger version)


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