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– discuss CP renewals, cx awareness of them, enforceability; e.g.

I would propose that from an ‘enforceability’ standpoint, any CP renewal can only be enforced if the rep has advised the cx and received the cx’s acknowledgment that the CP is renewing. (In part because the details [incl any mandatory CP renewal] of these RET plans & add-ons are not available, to the cx, in any sort of printed or ‘documentable’ form and thus that which is stated by the CxR rep ought be construed as the entirely of the terms of the modified plan/agreement.


Voiding of ‘arb-only’ clause (s. 31? of ToS) in ON, (and BC & QC too?!) = 75% of Canadian population


– Funny thing, the ToS state that “any current Rogers document describing your plan, etc” comprises part of “The Materials” and thus comprise part of Your Contract … but if you have a RET plan there is no available-to-cx ‘docs that describe your plan – in fact the only docs that presumably do exist are those in Rogers’ “Library”(AIUI this is simply an internal-to-Rogers ‘knowledgebase’). Would Rogers ever litigate that some documents describing the cx’s plan are not ever provided to cx, and might not ever be in a sense of being a literal, full copy of what’s in Library regarding their RET plan or add-ons?


– curious that the ToS state one thing about cx’s right to accept/decline changes to ToS but CoC says differently


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