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TOR (Transfer of Responsibility [of an Account]) (/TOR)



But for now…

Doing a TOR is one way to get out of a contract – you basically transfer your account over to someone else. It’s known formally within Rogers as a “TOR”.

There are Buy/Sell/Trade forums all over where you can post your ‘Contract’ being available for take-over, e.g.

Craigslist: Toronto search, “cell phones” section; seeking “plan” in posting title:

HoFo plans-bought-and-sold dedicated forum (but includes all North America carriers):

RedFlagDeals; cell phones (mostly) & some plans:

Depending on how discounted (or not) is a Contract a fee may be charged by the old plan owner OR the new plan owner. Highly discounted plans of course have the old plan owner charging the fee. If you have a mediocre or non-discounted plan expect to have to pay and/or offer your ‘free’ phone to someone to inherit your plan.

TOR criteria – the following criteria must be met before Rogers will effect the TOR:

– an account must be at least 30 days old when the TOR happens
– the account must have had at least one full month’s bill paid
– an account must have a $0 balance
– the new account holder must pass a Rogers credit check
– the new account holder must speak with a Rogers rep to ‘accept’ their ownership of the old account, and the whole Rogers ToS
– the old account holder (or their “Level 1 Authorized” person on the account) must also speak with a Rogers rep to ‘release’ their ownership of the account

Performing the TOR:

– Normally, the best way to effect a TOR is to do a 3-way call with the old account holder and the new account holder and the Rogers rep all on the line at the same time.
– However in addition to the old account holder being able to effect a TOR anyone listed on the account as a “Level 1 Authorization” can also act as the ‘old account’ holder
– So this could be helpful when the person accepting the account becomes listed as Level 1 on the old account holder’s account since that way only one person needs to be on the phone with Rogers to effect the TOR

Once you have a taker you’ll both want to speak to Rogers, preferably during the same call (alternatively have the ‘seller’ setup the buyer as a “Level 1 Authorized” contact).

Gotcha: The taker’s newly-acquired account will have it’s HUP-clock reset to zero at the time of the TOR, so the seller should implement any HUP that they can (if they are so interested) at least 30+ days before doing the TOR.


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