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VoiceMail – Info & Tips (/voicemail)

Rogers has a somewhat useful SWC page that will lead to decent but incomplete info about the service.

Pricing & Features:

(Regular) “Voicemail” @ $7/mo:

– Greeting: 3 min
– Msgs: 10 msgs of 3 mins each
– Retention: 5 days

“Enhanced Voicemail” @ $8/mo:

– Greeting: 3 min
– Msgs: 35 msgs of 5 mins each
– Retention: 10 days


– official VM info @ “Wireless Services User Guide”; document page 12+:
– people who leave you a message never use your airtime while they leave the message (POST-paid only; PayGo DOES eat minutes when people leave a message)
– when you use your cellphone to retrieve your messages you DO use airtime minutes
– if you retrieve your messages and your VM-retrieval number is not a local call from where you are then you will incur LD surcharges (unless you use the toll-free VM-retrieval number [listed on: /contact#VM])
– does checking VM incur ROAMing fees if cx is ROAMing? Not sure…
disable the annoying computerized voice that suffixes your greeting, that is played to callers unless you specifically disable it (it plays right after your greeting and typically says: “At the tone please record your msg. When you are finished recording you may hang up or press # for more options.”)
Do your callers this big favour by: logging into your VM, then from the main menu select menu option 4 (‘personal’), then 2 (‘admin’), then 3 (‘record prompt’).

– users of enhanced voicemail have the ability to receive numeric messages (‘pages’); to do this a caller has to press ‘5’ while your greeting is playing (and then they press ‘1’ to accept their auto-detected CID as the ‘numeric page’, or they press ‘2’ to enter a specific number to send as the ‘numeric page’); the numeric page will be sent as an SMS text (which is believed to not cost the recipient like a normal text might … however if the recipient is roaming it’s anybody’s guess)
– you can leave someone a voicemail msg (or just listen to their greeting) without ringing their actual cellphone and by dialing a toll-free number; to do this:

– dial the toll-free VM-retrieval number
– enter the recipient’s phone number
– when it asks for their password press ‘#’
– their greeting will play and you can then leave them a msg if you wish
– (if done from a payphone you’ll get your 50¢ back if you called the toll-free VM-retrieval number?!)

BlackBerry-Specific Notes:

– The BB automatically stores your VM-retrieval number in a ‘hotkey’
– So that hotkey: it is when you press and hold the ‘1’ key on your BB your BB will call your saved (usually ‘local‘) VM-retrieval number
– Rogers will ‘push’ your VM-retrieval number to your device and into that hotkey slot
Caution: If you delete the VM-retrieval number entirely from the hotkey slot Rogers will push the default one back at some point
Workaround: If you want to effectively disable this hotkey-dialing-VM feature put a ‘#’ into the hotkey phone number field
– to edit your VM-retrieval number go into your ‘Phone’ app, then Menu/Options/VoiceMail, then adjust the “AccessNumber” field

All VM Users Notes:

– checking for VM, or listening to VM msgs can incur LD charges if you dial into your VM box while you are away from your ‘home’ calling area
– it’s better to program the toll-free VM-retrieval number to be the number you dial to log into your VM box
– However, unlike your local number which knows who you are (so it doesn’t have to ask you for the phone number of the VM box you want to log into) dialing the toll-free VM-retrieval requires that you tell it your phone number-
– so whereas the usual VM-retrieval number might be:
—— 416-822-1142
– you’ll change it to be (where ‘416-555-1122’ is where you put in your own phone number):
—— 877-643-7786 {P} 416-555-1212#
– (where the {P} causes the first part to be dialed, then a pause effected, then the remainder delivered as DTMF‘s)

– (Regular) “Voicemail”: $7/mo

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