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Hmmm. Probably time for a Welcome page by now.

So welcome to my brain dump of things I’ve learned over the past year about Rogers (today it’s May 2010).

Out of necessity I’ve had to become aware of how Rogers works in terms of both its inept handling of billing and its (questionably legitimate) implementation of ‘gotcha’ limitations like tethering, and as well how to somewhat tame this horrible beast.

One specific aspect that I’ve wandered into is trying to understand what comprises my Whole Contract since that’s what in the end will legitimize or preclude each of Rogers’ funny-business habits.

This blog is my attempt to document & share that which I’ve learned with others so they can have a less unpleasant experience with Rogers too. Corrections and additions are specifically invited:

For greater clarity:
– Pretty much all of this blog’s info applies to Rogers Wireless ‘Consumer’-type cx‘s who are under a CP.
– Much of the info on this site, though not all, would also apply to those Rogers cx’s who are M2M (I’ll likely clearly indicate any issues in the cases where things wouldn’t apply to a M2M cx).
– Fido cx’s will be often subject to much of the same info (or at least structure) as here with Rogers, though some important and noteworthy distinctions apply – again I’ll identify any distinctions of which I’m aware.
– Even Bell/Telus cx’s might benefit from some of the info on this site, at least in knowing of the ‘gotcha’ clauses & phrases in the legal docs that Rogers uses, as well as seeing the overall structure of how the Rogers legal docs are laid out

For now (May, 2010) I’m in the processes of filling out the referential pages of this blog – info about OoP, CCTS, TheContract, etc. Once those are all done I’ll maybe do blog posts once in a while, with the intent that the initial referential pages can be used to frame an understanding of the legitimacy of any current activity by Rogers, that affects cx’s.

If you’re new to Rogers or want to get an overall understanding of dealing with them start by getting familiar with some of the /acronyms, then maybe take a gander at /retentions to see about how/when you can get a better deal.

If you have a complaint or escalation you’ll want to start maybe also see /complaint to get an idea of how to get a solution to your problem. (Pursuing ‘deeper’ options of the complaint process will call for you knowing about: [these links don’t yet have info] /OoP, maybe /ombudsman, and possibly even /arbitration or /SmallClaimsCourt.)

Beyond that if you have an inquiry about a specific topic (e.g. /credit or /porting) then there’s possibly-useful info available.

As the info becomes published the links at the right will be updated – things labelled ‘RFU‘ are generally just placeholders.

Hope this helps some folks!

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