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BCB Contract Molestation – But Nothing Changed?!

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Hmmm, sorry for this belated update but since, all in, apparently nothing changed there’s little harm in my tardy advisement.

You may recall the BCB billing fiasco I mentioned here (on HoFo) about how Rogers messed up years worth of BCB and had to give a bunch of money back to cx‘s – $30M to be exact. What I didn’t mention at the time was that as of June 18 Rogers changed (molested) the BCB contract too.

But oddly, they made no apparent substantive changes to it … based on both my own comparison of the old and new versions and in calling and speaking with a Rogers CSR. They changed things like “12 months” to be “first year” and re-ordered some of the paragraphs but all the main factors stayed the same.

Which makes me nervous as all heck – why would Rogers changes things except (usually) to advantage themselves further against the cx? If I can’t figure it out then I’m probably missing something important is my own take.

But oh well, some mysteries of the universe are not meant to be understood by mere mortals … or cx’s I guess.

BTW the icky TaC are still harsh, IMO, so if you want to enter into the so-called “Better Choice Bundles” game read them first; they’re located here:
– visit
– then click the fine-print “Terms & Conditions” link at the page’s bottom

Of particular note is that you may be subject to an ADDITIONAL ECF of up to $400 if you cancel all your Rogers services before you have ‘completed’ your BCB CP (2 years).

Since the BCB scheme has so many exceptions and is so confusing that even Rogers couldn’t get the math correct for years (and has a steep, steep ECF to boot) my own advice is to just stay away from it entirely.

Or as as Buddha would say, “Deny the battle”.

One addendum: if there are material changes between the old BCB TaC and the new TaC, and you signed up for BCB under the old TaC, and Rogers did not advise you, in writing, of the change to the TaC AND what has changed they can’t hold you to the new BCB TaC, per:
– click on “Read our commitment to you
– click on section “We help you understand your purchase.”
– read: “We will notify you in writing 30 days in advance of any material changes to our pricing policies or terms and conditions of service and as part of this notification, we will show you specifically what is changing.”


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