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Rogers has a SWC page; theirs redirects to On this page (curiously labelled “iPhone 3.0” and hierarchically listed as:  “Home|Wireless|Products|iPhone 3.0”) Rogers gives some info about the usability of tethering with certain plans, withholds some info about the usability of tethering with certain other plans, refers to an invisible/imaginary “promotion” and then links to details of how to tether using iPhone or BlackBerry devices. Closing it out is a FAQ, and Legal Disclaimer.


Tethering is the use the of data you paid for through your cell plan, on a device that is connected to your cell phone (and not just on the cellphone itself). This might be advantageous if you are away from any usual internet connection of yours but you want to connect to the internet, and you have both your laptop or netbook PC and your cellphone with you. (You’d typically need to pre-configure your laptop/network for tethering while it’s connected to the internet tho). Once tethering has been all setup it’s easy to activate and depending on the data speed of your cellphone (2G/EDGE or 3G) and what you’re doing on the internet can be quite satisfactory.

Of note: 2G/EDGE cellphones will give connection speeds similar to dial-up whereas 3G phones will be similar to home, high-speed-internet.

Who Can Tether:

The short answer: everyone, regardless of plan size … except maybe those on “Family Share Data & Voice Plan” or “Rocket™ stick shared data” plans.

You might wonder, since Rogers only explicitly permits those with >1GB plans, what about 500Mb plan users. No worries, 500 MB Plan users can tether too since there are no restrictions

who can tether:

1Gb fiasco

* Excludes Family Share Data & Voice Plans, Smartphone and Rocket™ stick shared data plans, and One Rate Data Plans for Canada and the U.S.

RFU: history of tethering ‘policy’ implementation


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