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Handset Protection Guarantee (new in 2010) (/protection)

This ‘Protection’ (Guarantee) seems to be formally called “Guarantee ” and would seem to be a replacement for the old “Rogers Cares Protection Plan” (more info on that now-retired plan: /protectionplan).

Rogers has a SWC page that is related to all this, that as of May 12 indicates merely that the Program goes live May 24, 2010.

Best info seems to be from a news release, here:

– no extra cost to cx’s for being in this program

– presumably applies only to new hardware purchases, made on or after May 24

– “The program, a first to be offered at no additional cost in Canada, offers customers whose devices have been lost, stolen or broken a discount toward repair or the choice of a $0 or subsidized replacement device on their first out-of-warranty occurrence.” (emphasis mine)

—- note it doesn’t say same device

– Also: “Rogers customers with a lost, stolen or broken wireless device can […] arrange to receive a courtesy device until a replacement or repair is available.” ($50+ deposit required?)

– “In the event of a lost or stolen device, Rogers will offer customers a discount toward the purchase of a new or refurbished replacement device.”

– “In the event of a broken device, a customer may choose to take advantage of the discounted replacement program or select to have their device repaired at a subsidized cost.”

– “In the event of lost, stolen or broken devices, customers will have the option to select a $0 replacement*. (* With new or existing term commitment of at least 12 months.)”

“Customers must have an eligible device to participate. […] [Being] Rogers voice devices, Rogers BlackBerry devices, smartphone/PDA devices and Rogers Rocket sticks.”

– “Replacement options will include both refurbished and new devices and include $0 options*.”

– It seems that accepting any $0 replacement option require extending the CP by (or maybe to) 12 mos if they have less that 12 mos left in their CP.

An interesting new offering by Rogers.


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