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If you’re sending email from your phone and need to enter an SMTP server use:
– no SSL, no login, use default port (25?!)

credit: HoFo user MleXxus, here

Change the Name Display that shows up on a person’s phone when you call them:

Thanks to HoFo user ‘I has a phone’ who posted it in this thread:

It’s a big, detailed website about asst law prof Susan Drummond‘s personal, small claims court case against Rogers, approx 2005-2007, for breach of contract … and how she won $2K in punitive damages from the beast (she had sought the court’s jurisdictional limit of $10K).

Brief overview:

Wow. Interesting site (or rather PDF, since that’s almost all that the site contains).

Guy, Abraham Finkel, owns Celluland, very old cellular dealer (started mid-80’s), a Rogers dealer. Got into multiple stinkfights with Rogers over proper payments re Rogers sign-ups, through 90’s, into 2K+. Sued Rogers in ’96 for $55M, then in 2002 for (revised?) $250M. Has doc’n showing Rogers offer to settle for $5M (2002) – he seems to not have taken it. (Kinda chump change given the size of his suit, and doc’n he has from CIBC saying, in 2003, “Celluland International maintains combined bank accounts at our branch in the high 7 figures” [pg 452]).

He’s still mired in his legal wranglings, 3 suits in all against Rogers et al; he claims to have been the victim of shifty lawyers, judges. He’s also composed something resembling perhaps a ‘private (criminal) prosecution‘ against Ted Rogers & 3 other execs – fraud, theft, intimidation, etc. Dunno if he filed it (Ted doesn’t care either way). is still around – they don’t sell Rogers tho.

Abraham seems to be perhaps a bit of the dual genius + madness maybe.

His story is not directly relevant to cx’s since his problem was as a dealer and consequent funny business with Rogers, but it’s a curious tale all the same.

450-page PDF, ‘The Story’:

Settlement Offers from Rogers, incl $5M

Rogers 911 cost = $.06/month/cx (Alberta & BC):

– Doc showing that for 911 fees, effective Jan 1, 2010: Rogers pays $0.06 per month, per active line (can outbound dial into PSTN), to the landline carrier with whom they interface (Telus), for Alberta & BC subscribers.

also in this CRTC zip file:



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